Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seven Dev Community all about?

It is a community of developers under the umbrella of Seven Advanced Academy that brings together people from various backgrounds with diverse experiences aimed at collectively generating solutions to common problems. Typically aiming to build a stronger and more resilient community.

What does it take to become a member of Seven Dev Community?

You should be a passionate about IT, technology and/or programming. Individuals seeking admission must be willing to volunteer in all community activities. You must be an active member of your class with a participation of at least 90% of class attendance for Students of Seven Academy. Individual demanding membership must show interest in tech related fields. You must be respectful to all members, hard-working and interactive in order to promote the activities of the community.

How is Seven Dev Community different from other Dev Communities?

We are different because, we practice what we preach - quality output. Also, we are a community that brings together diversed minds to ponder upon different community problems and try to bring a solution to them.

What is the mission and vision of the Seven Dev Community?

We Think, We Code We Innovate with our brilliant ideas, we critically think on the challenges and bring forth lon lasting solutions. We link various developers so as to encourage learning, resource sharing and growth and we seek to drastically change and improve on our nation, Africa at large

How will seven Dev Community Impact other Communities?

Along with other existing dev communities like GDG Bamenda, GDG Douala, GDG Buea, Silicon Mountain, The Facebook Developers Cycle, It will help to bring together experienced developers and beginners, sharpening one another, working on projects that will help in the growth of the Academy, likewise Seven Group and other communities.