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Coding for beginners

Coding for beginners is an introductory coding program to aid beginners and junior developers to kick start their journey as developers. It introduces basic ideas of HTML, CSS and Programming concept in various programming languages like; JavaScript, python and PHP. It will include teaching, learning, coding competitions and talk sessions. This program will end with a hackathon and a prize award ceremony. Takes place Every January

Seven Dev IWD

The Seven Dev International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of women within our community and beyond in tech which is aimed at continually launching global and scalable initiatives and piloting new programs to support and empower women in the tech industry thereby improving confidence, providing opportunities, building communities, developing resources and creating visibility for women in tech. During this season we will also celebrate heroes like Estelle Yomba, etc. Takes place Every March

Seven Dev Productivity Day

The Seven Dev Productivity Day is an annual developer conference hosted by the community to present the efforts input by the community throughout the year and the output/results that have been achieved from the efforts that were put in. In the conference all the top rated achievements throughout the year are presented to the community and press. This is a forum to demonstrate to developers the progress the community has made. This will be a platform to showcase our developers to other communities and the press. This venue will bring developers to meet new developers, learn, share ideas, and try new technologies. Takes place Every July

ROCAM Schools

The Reach Out Cameroon Schools is an annual reach out campaign where the community visits schools upon resumption. The main goal of this reach out campaign is to work with the computer science departments of schools, encourage students to engage in IT related fields, follow up the progress of the students and encourage the creation of computer science clubs in schools which will promote the organization of coding events such as ROCAM Code, idea pitching among schools. It will involve the give out of freebies to students. Takes place Every September

Seven DevFest

The Seven DevFest is an annual Festival that gathers developers from our community, other communities, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to get inspired from the latest improvements in tech. This Fest comes at the end of the year to celebrate the efforts put in by the community to make the world a better place and to prepare the community for the next year. Takes place Every December

Night of Code

The Seven Night of Code is a program where by members have a sleep over at Seven Advanced Academy, programming and networking all night. During this program, members can work on individual projects, but most often, they are been put into groups and given task to accomplish. The aim of this event is to build the culture of unity within member and get them accomplish specific task within a particular time interval. Takes place Once Every Month